Ever Wondered About the Plumbing History in the U.S.?

Plumbing History Facts for Buildings in the Northeast Most Americans these days turn on the taps and flush the toilets in their bathrooms and kitchens without ever thinking twice about the water flowing through their homes. But this certainly wasn’t always the case, and indoor plumbing in America has really only been widespread since the twentieth century. In… Read more »

Tips for UV Safety Awareness Month

Tips for UV Safety Awareness Month July is Ultraviolet (UV) Rays Safety Awareness Month. Never expose your skin to unsolicited sunlight attention without sunscreen protection. Make a pledge to yourself to protect your skin from UV damage. Prolonged UV Exposure Every time you go outside during daylight hours, you are exposed to UV rays. A… Read more »

Be Sure to Save Water During the Summer Months

Why Saving Water for Summer Months Is Key Topics of drought and climate change headline the news, but what can homeowners do to save water, especially in the summer months? Most homes are set up for the mere process of the use and disposal of water, but many homes have no systems or products designed… Read more »