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Are you tired of fighting with recurring clogs? Call All-n-One Plumbing at (816) 886-7600 for hydro jetting services and other top-notch plumbing solutions. Let’s schedule an appointment to get your clogged drain blasted clean.

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Hydrojetting Nozzle Spray Direction

At All-n-One Plumbing, our team of expert technicians will diagnose you drain stoppages and recommend the right solution to your problem. When your main sewer line needs a hydro jetting service, let our specialists blast your pipes clean.

Why Do We Offer Hydro jetting?

If you find yourself dealing with the same clogged drain or pipe over and over, there may be a belly or low spot within your main sewer line catching debris.  Hydro jetting is also the best solution to clear sludge, grease, and build-up inside or your pipes. This professional technique sprays water at 4,000 psi through your pipes and blasts them clean. There are many instances where jetting is the only way, short of repair, to remove a blockage.

Unfortunately, many homeowners try to clear their clogs by pouring chemicals down their drains. While there are very few drain-safe liquids/foams, most have the potential to cause more harm than good. For instance, if the clog does not clear, the chemical substance will sit in the pipe and crystallize. Eventually, the chemical will corrode the pipes from the inside out. This is why a professional drain cleaning company should be consulted about the best solution for your clogged drain.

Do You Need Hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting, also called mini jetting, is great for removing blockages that cannot easily be removed by an auger cable and blade, such as grease or sludge. Jetting can also push blockages through bellies or low areas in the drain. Though jetting may seem like a cure-all for drain stoppages, it actually does little to nothing to remove roots that enter through joints and infiltrate drain lines. An auger with a blade will actually cut through the roots and pull them back with the cable, removing them from the drain. The high pressure water of the jetter merely sprays water through and around the roots. If you have had a camera inspection, we would be happy to discuss the findings to determine which service is best suited for your needs. Often the cheaper augering service is offered as the better route.

Let Us Keep Your Pipes Clean

Here are a few more reasons to choose us:

We provide Up Front quotes: Receive no-hassle and upfront pricing on the job before we begin working, so you can be sure that you are making the right choice. In many instances, our dispatchers can even provide quotes prior to your service appointment!

Friendly professionals: Our experts are committed to quality customer service. We provide personalized solutions that get to the source of your particular problem.

Work backed by warranty: All of our work is backed by an ironclad warranty. If something goes wrong during that time, we are happy to come back and fix the issue without any hassle on your part. All warranty information is clearly stated on the back of each invoice.

Integrity: Our dispatchers and technicians will discuss your drain issues to be certain that jetting is the service you need. If you are in need of a cheaper alternative, like augering, we will explain why and offer that service instead. We are interested in offering the best customer service and quality workmanship, not charging for higher priced services or up-selling.

We offer expert hydro jetting services to all of our customers in Independence, MO and the greater Kansas City area, including Missouri and Kansas. For plumbing expert solutions and up-front pricing, call (816) 886-7600. 

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