all in one plumbing clogged toilet repair holiday dinner 2018


Clogged toilet repair is probably not on your holiday list this year. No one wants to have bathroom issues during the holidays, yet this is the time of year when families and friends gather, and All-n-One Plumbing receives calls for clogged toilet repair. 

No toilet will always be 100% free from clogs. Low water pressure can fail to move matter through the drain with enough force, and too many flushes back-to-back can make them overflow. Additionally, clogged toilets can be caused by excessive use of thick toilet paper or by flushing “flushable” products such as feminine hygiene products and wipes. Plunging the clog is the best 1st response. If plunging does not clear the clogged toilet, calling a licensed plumber should be next. Always contact a professional for clogged toilet repair before pouring chemical additives into your toilet. 

ALL-N-ONE PLUMBING NOTE: A common holiday practice is to flush food down the toilet instead of into the trash bin or garbage disposal. This is strongly discouraged. Food scraps should always be scraped into the trash prior to rinsing the dish over the garbage disposal. More on that in another post! 

Whether a clog is caused by a hard object, such as a child’s small toy, hairpins, shampoo bottle lids or by soft matter, always consult a professional. Clogged toilet repair is not just about the toilet bowl or the immediate overflow. Often the clog is a result of another issue, perhaps further down the drain system, and you will need to call a plumber for assistance. 

If you are experiencing problems with your toilet, give us a call and give yourself some peace of mind. We service the following issues and more: 

  • Loose handles
  • Low water flow
  • Continuous running water
  • Weak flush issues
  • Phantom flush” problems
    Lower than usual water levels
  • Slow-filling tank 

Your toilet sees as much or more use as any other major appliance in your home. It stands to reason that a toilet will begin wearing down over time and having issues, such as loose handles, continuously running water in the bowl or frequent clogs. At All-n-One Plumbing, our specialists are happy to provide expert assessment and resolutions to your plumbing issues in Independence, MO and Greater Kansas City Metro. 

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