Going Green: Your Guide

Over centuries, human activities have caused a lot of damage to the earth, its resources, and other life forms. Now, the world is working on conserving the environment and making it green again. You can play your part at home by reducing waste, updating your water heaters, and recycling available resources. Here is an easy guide to going green at home.

Look for ways to save energy

You can cut your energy consumption by as much as 30 percent by dealing with areas where energy is being lost. Here are a few suggestions.

Cutting energy loss in water heating systems

Water heating systems are some of the greatest energy consumers at home. Conventional water heaters lose a lot of energy in the stored hot water as it loses its heat and has to be reheated again. To curb this loss, consider investing in tankless water heating systems. These systems heat water when you need it. Thus, it is not stored in a tank, saving you energy.

Consider energy efficient gadgets

Consider changing your appliances to energy efficient ones. You can change your conventional bulbs to energy saving ones and go for energy star rated equipment as they are energy efficient.

Moreover, consider switching off the lights and AC when there is no one at home. You can also consider heating or cooling only the areas that are occupied.

Conserve your water

Do not leave any taps leaking water. Cut down on water waste by being proactive about conserving water. Also, you should consider recycling the gray water for other uses at home.

Some of the common sources of gray water are the washing machine, the shower, and the kitchen. Get quality water filtration systems to enable you to reuse the water for other activities such as irrigation.

Buy eco-friendly plumbing fixtures

Replace your bathroom systems with eco-friendly fixtures. Consider buying fixtures made from recycled resources or materials from sustainable resources. Invest in water-efficient fixtures such as toilets and low flow shower fixtures. You can also purchase piping and taps made from recycled materials.

Bring down your carbon footprint

Seek ways to reduce the amount of carbon that you release to the atmosphere by your activities. Some of the things that you can do to cut down on carbon emissions include:

  • Avoid the use of wood and oil to heat the home. These two produce a lot of greenhouse gasses
  • Avoid any unnecessary travel as it leads to high carbon dioxide emissions for no good reason
  • Plant trees in your yard to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We all strive to live in a clean and healthy environment. Fortunately, you can play a role in helping the environment by putting these tips into practice.

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