Helpful Tips for Summertime Fun While Conserving Water

Who says that you can’t have fun, keep cool and maintain your landscaping this summer and be mindful about water conservation at the same time?

While no doubt these extra activities require more water, you can approach them strategically to minimize water wastage.

You can also help instill some balance by looking for extra ways to reduce your household water use so that your overall water footprint doesn’t increase. Here are some helpful tips to help you get started.

Don’t Waste Water with Your Hoses and Sprinklers

No question, your garden, and lawn need extra hydration in the heat of summer, but you don’t necessarily have to waste water to accomplish that.

Plant your garden in the spring, when hydration needs are less (plan ahead for next year). Mulch your garden, so that it will retain more moisture.

Adjust your lawn mower so that you don’t cut the grass too short. Very short grass burns more easily and needs more water. Spread grass clippings over the lawn to help protect it as well.

Only water when necessary. Make sure that the sprinkler isn’t aimed at the roof or driveway.

Outdoor Water Fun

A little water outside can add up to some big time fun for your family. Freeze t-shirts in Ziploc bags and then race to put them on. This is funny and cools you down effectively too.

Build a water table for young ones with a basin and blocks. You can even use something simple for the toys, like plastic cups. Attach pool noodles punched with holes to your sprinkler and watch the water fly.

Fill up a pile of water balloons and divide into teams. Bombs away!

Tips to Water Conservation to Keep the Fun Going

It’s hard to have fun if you feel guilty about wasting water. The way to take care of that is to find extra ways to reduce other water use around your home.

Collect water in a bucket when you are waiting for the shower to heat. You can use that water to flush the toilet (which uses a lot of water) or even to water your plants.

Reserve your cooking liquid for the same purpose. Want a cool drink of water? Store water in a jug in the fridge, rather than running the tap. Only use one water glass throughout the day, so that you reduce the need to wash dishes.