Garbage disposal installation is sometimes necessary to replace an existing disposal that is beyond repair. Many homes in Independence, MO have garbage disposal units installed. A functioning garbage disposal helps keep your kitchen sink and drains clean, but when your disposal stops working, the issues can lead to costly kitchen plumbing repairs. Proper use of your garbage disposal can ensure a well-functioning unit for a long period of time.  

A garbage disposal is designed with grinder plates that grind down food waste. Relying on centrifugal force, a constant flow of water running alongside the disposal system helps the waste move through the plumbing drain system.  

The most common problem with a malfunctioning garbage disposal is the incorrect assumption that you can put anything down the disposal, and it will be ground up and carried away into the sewage system. This is not the case. Not all food waste is suitable for putting in the disposal. Left-over food should be scraped into the trash, then remaining particles can be rinsed over the disposal. Large pieces of food, fruit rinds, noodles, and grease are some examples of food products that should never be put down the disposal. Failure to use the disposal correctly can not only lead to damage to the unit itself, but it can also compromise drains and plumbing lines. While some garbage disposal problems can be repaired, many times you will need a full replacement. 

Some problems that can indicate you need garbage disposal installation are:


There may be times when no matter how small the amount of waste, the disposal always jams and stops working. The problem may not be with how you use it, but with the unit itself. In some cases, the frequent clogging may indicate a malfunctioning unit. You may also consider a higher capacity model if your unit is used often.

Reset Button

You shouldn’t need to use the reset button very often in a disposal that is in good condition. If you have to reset the disposal frequently, or even every time you switch it on, your garbage disposal may be wearing out and you need new garbage disposal installation. Additionally, frequent resets could be due to improper garbage disposal installation which requires professional kitchen repairs in order to resolve the issues safely.

Rattling noises

Sometimes you may not realize a spoon, a twisty tie, or any number of other non-food waste has gone down into the disposal. You’ll know it by the loud, metal sounding noise. When this happens, immediately turn off the disposal, then reach your hand into the unit and retrieve the item that is causing the problem. If you can’t locate anything that is blocking the grinder plates, discontinue use until the problem is resolved. If you are unable to fix the garbage disposal yourself, you may need to call a plumber for a garbage disposal repair or garbage disposal replacement.

No Power

In cases where the garbage disposal won’t turn on or shuts off by itself while in use, the connected electrical circuit may have blown. If the electrical system is working properly, then your disposal motor may have malfunctioned or may have worn out due to age. You should schedule professional kitchen plumbing repairs as quickly as possible or arrange for new garbage disposal installation.

Poor Performance

When a garbage disposal is working properly, light waste runs through the unit quickly without issue. However, if it takes a longer than normal amount of time for the waste to break down and the drain to run clear, the grinder plates may be worn or dull. It is not unusual when this type of malfunction happens to need complete garbage disposal installation. A plumbing professional can inspect the unit and make the appropriate repairs or recommendations.


You’ve heard the old saying “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Following new garbage disposal installation, familiarize yourself with proper use, and you can avoid most problems. Find out what types of food waste can and cannot be put down the disposal. You’ll avoid future kitchen plumbing repairs and help ensure your unit works as it’s supposed to. Read on to the next section for reminders of items that should not be put in the disposal.


This is an acronym for the three big no-noes when using a disposal. Fat, oil, and grease. Using these in the garbage disposal may not be a problem in the unit itself, normally, but are a problem for your kitchen sink drain and sewer line. When these hot liquids are poured down the kitchen sink, they congeal when they hit the cool interior of the drain. This builds up and results in serious clogs within your plumbing system. Remember, other food items that should be avoided are noodles, which tend to swell in the drain, even after cooked, fruit rinds, contrary to popular tips, and any large food products that need ground up. Plates should ALWAYS be scraped into the trash prior to being rinsed over the disposal. Just this small extra step in cleaning up could save you the nuisance and cost of a clogged kitchen sink, garbage disposal repairs, or even a clogged main line, which often result in sewage backed up in the house. 

Other problems that may indicate you need kitchen plumbing repairs or garbage disposal replacement can be water leaks or foul odors that don’t go away. If you notice any combination of the problems listed, contact a plumber for an assessment. You may not realize just how convenient it is to have all your plumbing working properly, but when it doesn’t, it can be inconvenient and sometimes costly. Ignoring small problems with plumbing lines and drains, kitchen appliances, water heaters, faucets and more, can only lead to more expense eventually. 

Fortunately, when you run into a problem with your garbage disposal unit or any other plumbing issues, you can give All-n-One Plumbing a call for quality services. We’ll come to your home and assess the system to see if it’s a simple repair that you need or complete garbage disposal replacement. You’ll get high-quality workmanship and expert plumbing services in every repair, installation, and maintenance job. As always, our work is guaranteed, and warranty information is clearly stated on the back of your invoice.


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